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January 29, 2010. While Me (Aigoo) and Shin is in the middle of the class. We decided to make an Anime and Manga site that will provide download links for the members. I ask Shin if she's serious about the plan; she answered YES. After the class we went home and turned on the PC immediately. And I sent a PM to Shin telling that I’m going to create the site that time, and she said OK followed by “Just tell me what to do ok?” And I replied “UKIE”. After a minute, I finish the site [Shin: wow Aigoo, just a minute ? O.o]. And I talked to Shin about what we should use as a theme for the site and what should I put in the forum. After an hour, Me and Shin finished the whole site. Back then, I was the one who will make the one that was planned and Shin is the one who will plan for the site. She’s the one who will communicate to the members cause Shin is fluent in English and I’m not used in speaking English that time [Shin: he’s a Korean boy , haha]. (LOL!!) When I want to post something, I always ask her on what should I say. Shin was the one who made the Rules and Regulation for Anime-tion’s Site. And she was the one who promoted Anime-tion to different sites.

How did I and Shin found our Administrator “skyfish”?
       I’m asking to the site where “skyfish” was a ENCODER/UPLOADER that I needed help to the site that I and Shin’s working on. And I posted the link of our site there. Skyfish replied and he told me several good and bad things regarding the site. I asked him to lend us a hand in improving the site. And he answered “Sure!”. I ask him what position he likes and he answered a “Global Moderator” is good. (LOL!) But I made him as a Administrator of our site. Right now, almost 80% of our Anime Download links was uploaded by him. ☺ [Shin: SUGOI NE ? :D]

How did I and Shin found our Global Moderator “NASCA”?
       NASCA is one of my (and Shin) friend at my school. Same course (Computer Science). Before he was an L-Moderator (moderator for the Live Action Thread), Because he has a lot of sources about Tokusatsu. But he became a Global Moderator because he is one of the active members way back then~ (Argh, did I said it right Shin-chan?) [Shin: you said it right Aigoo Pyon .. :D].

How did I and Shin found our M-Moderator “achika”?
       Achika is one of our Uploaders before. I met her at her site that provides Anime and Manga download links too. I asked her if she could be an Uploader of Anime and Manga here in Anime-tion and she accepted my offer. And then she decided to create a Scanlation Team and she made a Site for her Scanlation Team. I planned to help her in her site. And while helping her, an idea came to my mind. What if I ask her to continue her Scanlation Team in Anime-tion? (LOL! I ask her if she does agree with my idea. And thinking that she does not agree with it. But unfortunately..) And she agreed with my idea. And the Anime-tion’s Scanlation Team was born. Right now she is the one who Moderates the Manga Discussion and she is the one who’s Moderating the scanlation team. [Shin: Achika chan , my yuri mate , sooo kakkoi .. :3]

How did I and Shin found our H-Moderator “BeuWolve”?
       BeuWolve is the first subscriber in our R-18 Section before. And I (Aigoo) asked him if he is willing to become a H-Moderator and he accepted my offer. [Shin: Beuwolve nii was a kind and nice big bro .. ^_^]

How did I and Shin found our CB-Moderator “Stepenime”?
       Stepenime is one of the “oldest” [Shin: yeah yeah, with 3 posts .. XD] members here in Anime-tion. And he is one of my (Aigoo and Shin) friends in school. Before, he is a Global Moderator but he was not active enough so I kicked him as a Global Moderator. After a month he came back and I asked him if he wanted to be a Global Moderator again. And he answer “YES” [Shin: LOL, not UKIE ? XD]. But still, he is not active as a Global Moderator and not doing his job well. I asked him if he wanted to be a CB-Moderator (chatbox Moderator)? Cause he is very active in our chatbox. And he accepted it. And that’s it. ☺ [Shin: we know very well the reason that he’s active ? *whistle *whistle] [Aigoo: LOL!! Shin-chan!! Haha]

How did I and Shin found our Uploader “Vampire”?
       Vampire is the first uploader of Anime-tion. I saw her FanPage in facebook. Her FanPage provides download links to the members of the FanPage. And I asked her to become a Uploader and she accepted the offer. [Shin: Vampy chan was really nice and such kawaii lil sis .. ^_^]

How did I and Shin found our Uploader “PrinceHeir”?
       PrinceHeir is one of Shin’s friend in My Anime List or MAL. She asked him if he could to help her to Upload Animes and Mangas in Anime-tion and he accepted the offer. [Shin: baby james was really kind , he’s a good friend and I’m glad he accepted it .. ^_^ arigatou baby james ..] [Aigoo: Right now, he is my friend too~ Thanks to Shin-chan~]

How did I and Shin found our Graphic Designer “SethChan94”?
       I saw her artistic works in a certain Fanpage in Facebook and I asked her if she would like to be a Graphic Designer in our forum and she gladly accepted the offer. [Shin: Seth chan was a talented young girl , and kawaii as well .. :D]

A LiL Message to New and Future Staff Members / Mods :
       And to our upcoming and newbie moderators , we are so happy to have you as a co-worker / friend / family member here in anime-tion .. let's help , enjoy each other's company and treasure ever bits of moment that we share with each other as we make this forum THE BEST anime/manga resource SITE ever !!!!! “UKIE ?” :D

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