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 Hohoi :3

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PostSubject: Hohoi :3   2010-12-15, 00:31

like you can read, my name is Hisagi90, you can call me Hisagi or Hi-chan, as latter is a short cut from my normal username Im using online, but lately Im using 'Hisagi90' just as much oO

My name is Jess, Im 19 years old and come from Aachen, Germany (Aachen is at the border to Belgium and the Netherlands).

Im here by chance and really like english communities :] (this site seems really nice and interesting so far :3)
Hope to have fun and meet more new people, I'll try to stick around as much as possible, but this year was really busy for me, dunno how it will continue >.<

I am a friggin freaky Anime and Mangafan, my favorites are:
Anime: Prince of Tennis, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Gintama, Lovely Complex, Toradora, Clannad~AS, Shounen Onmyouji, Beck, Darker than Black
Manga: Bleach, Eyeshield 21, Brother x Brother, Crimson Hero, Rave, Skip Beat, Code Breaker and a lot others...
By now I own more than 430 mangas xD

And not to forget to add, I'm kinda a big shounen-ai/yaoi fan

Music... the most I hear are OST, Japanese and rock... the rest is mixed. Atm Im into Lifehouse and back to Dead by April... I so do love them <3

Shortly to my addictions: Puri comes from Niou (PoT), Hohoi comes from Kikumaru (PoT) and Hisagi well yeah.... from Hisagi Shuuhei (Bleach) xD
Im happy to be here, nice to meet ya,
don't be surprised about that long introduction, I tend to write lots even if I don't know what to write at first bounce

the new one give her regards,
Hisagi :]

Puri ♥️
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Scanlation Team Member
Scanlation Team Member

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PostSubject: Re: Hohoi :3   2010-12-15, 02:29

WELCOME! (im from the netherlands bytheway)
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Radio DJ
Radio DJ

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PostSubject: Re: Hohoi :3   2010-12-15, 09:25

Welcome Hi-Chan!! nice introduction, the best intro i've read here haha! enjoy :)) hope to see you more here.

BTW i have a friend from The Netherlands but she's here in The Philippines hehe! :))


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PostSubject: Re: Hohoi :3   

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Hohoi :3

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