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 Galaxy Fraulein Yuna OVAs

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Galaxy Fraulein Yuna OVAs Vide
PostSubject: Galaxy Fraulein Yuna OVAs   Galaxy Fraulein Yuna OVAs I_icon_minitime2011-01-06, 18:27

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Title: Galaxy Fraulein Yuna OVAs

Galaxy Fraulein Yuna OVAs Galaxyfrauleinyuna

Episode count : 5

Genre : Action Adventure Comedy Mecha Science-Fiction Magic

Yuna Kagurazaka won the interstellar Galaxy Fraulein contest to become the Guardian of the Light. After defeating several threats to galactic peace (As seen in the PC Engine games), old enemies have framed Yuna for attacking and demolishing her hometown. Yuna's friends now must attempt to rescue her from her pending execution, with comedic results.

SEASON 1 : Galaxy Fraulein Yuna

Link 1: (Episode 1)

Link 2: (Episode 2)

SEQUEL: Galaxy Fraulein Yuna Returns

Link 3: (Episode 3)

Link 4: (Episode 4)

Link 5: (Episode 5)

*Credits : skyfish

***Note : You need to reply to this topic to view the hidden link.


Galaxy Fraulein Yuna OVAs Yjrl2tz
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Galaxy Fraulein Yuna OVAs

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