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 Boys of Tomorrow

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Scanlation Team Head

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PostSubject: Boys of Tomorrow   2011-01-19, 19:27

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Title: Boys of Tomorrow

Status : Complete

Episode count : 1

Genre : Drama, Slice of life

Kisu, a sincere and reserved young man, lives in a tiny basement studio flat and earns his living as a driver. When he feels suffocated by this world that is too small for his dreams, he concentrates on his real passion in life: drumming. Although his material living conditions are somewhat precarious and his future does not look that promising, Kisu never loses hope, his watchword being: «There is no road one cannot take». This apparent optimism however hides a deep trauma: he is eaten up by guilt at having been the cause of his brother Jongdae’s impotence, following an accident that happened when they were children. In atonement, Kisu has set himself the task of protecting him for life. As for Jongdae, he dreams of owning a gun, which would make him, feel stronger when faced with the town’s petty delinquents. In these oppressive circumstances, Kisu is given his young nephew to look after. An intense friendship develops between the brothers and the child, in which two generations confront one another in order to understand and support one another better.

Link 1: (Episode 1)

Link 2: (Subtitles)

*Credits : achika

***Note : You need to reply to this topic to view the hidden link.


Kyaaaa~~~!! Omg watch this movie!! Yoo Ah In (Sungkyunkwan Scandal) is sooo young and cute in this movie! The last scene of his smile is damn adorable <3333 Anyway this is an independent movie so some scenes are a little bit mature. Watch at your own risk lol


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PostSubject: Re: Boys of Tomorrow   2011-01-30, 10:41

I turned out to be fond of Yoo AhIn a little too much these dayz. I've seen him in "the man who can't get married" and in "SungKyunKwan Scandal' too and I just can't wait to watch his movies including boys of tomorrow ^^
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Boys of Tomorrow

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