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 DeclarASIAN of CelebrASIAN

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Radio DJ
Radio DJ

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PostSubject: DeclarASIAN of CelebrASIAN   2011-02-22, 18:12

listen and let's all have fun
on A-Tunes for ATTV-Radio with me as your DJ will let you hear the real sound of Asia, not just K-Pop, not just J-Rock but everything from the 4 corners of the largest continent of the world, One Asia.

Tune in every Tuesday afternoon 3-5pm (Philippine Time)
and let me give you your craving for Asian Music.

I just did another test broadcast check it on Animetion-TV it's recorded
it is somewhat static during the first 2 songs coz i'm having troubles with my signal
but everything went great after that, unfortunately i can't remember my playlist so just check it out.


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PostSubject: Re: DeclarASIAN of CelebrASIAN   2011-08-21, 13:48

woooow I never we had one! ^ []^ this thread needs promotion! thanks for your hardwork ne, :D!
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DeclarASIAN of CelebrASIAN

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