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 hellooo! x3

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PostSubject: hellooo! x3   2011-05-05, 06:09

Real Name : Ágata

Location : Lisboa, Portugal

Birthday : 18.12.1991

Fave Anime : Fairy Tail, Ao no Exorcist

Hi!! :3 I'm Agata, or Aggie or Aggs XD I'm 19 and am from Portugal! :3 I love manga and i found this forum through Kirara no Hoshi manga! o/

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Scanlation Team Head
Scanlation Team Head

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PostSubject: Re: hellooo! x3   2011-05-10, 22:24

OHH kirara's fans! :D

Welcome to Anime-tion! Just PM me or any other active staffs if you have any questions regarding the forum.

Have a nice day~ :)


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hellooo! x3

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