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 Just call me maid-sama.

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PostSubject: Just call me maid-sama.   2011-07-24, 21:37

I would like to become a manga cleaner. I may not have the time when school starts to do both typesetting and cleaning in good time once school begins again. I have the basic materials needed. Photoshop CS5, a computer, a drawing pad.

Position: cleaner
Why you want to join as a staff:
giving back to the manga community one
Your preferred genre:
Well, there's the crazed Yaoi Fangirl thing, but I like some shojo like Perfect Girl Evolution, and Skip Beat. I like magical realism.
Do you have experience?: Only with photoshop right now, but I think I could do a nice job.
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PostSubject: Re: Just call me maid-sama.   2011-08-04, 01:06

hmmm..ok..i'll refer you to the scanlation team head..


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Just call me maid-sama.

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