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 Donation Drive

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Scanlation Team Head
Scanlation Team Head

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PostSubject: Donation Drive    Donation Drive  I_icon_minitime2010-09-21, 21:18

First and foremost, thank you for taking an interest in reading this thread or if you are actually considering to donate to Anime-tion Scanlation.

Why we need donations:
I decided to create a donate option because I'm as a sole financial supporter for this group is merely a student. Thus, as much as I did love to bring you guys more projects, unfortunately there is limitation to my support.

What will we use the donation on:
All donations will be use for buying RAWs manga for future scanlation purpose. None of it will be use on our personal expenses. See here for a list of mangas we are planning to buy.

I will be eternally grateful if you can support Anime-tion Scanlation by donating to us some amount. ^_^ The benefit you can get is we will let you read the RAWs beforehand when no one else can. Yoohooo

In addition, you will be on our VIP members lists who got to see the mangas 3 hours earlier than the others. Wow haha :D

Please click on the donate button above to donate!


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Latest upload:
Beelzebub eps. 13 and eps. 24
Sacred Seven eps. 1
Usagi Drop eps. 1
Yuru Yuri eps. 1

We are looking for Japanese to English translators and a few editors. Please apply here or PM Aigoo. Also open for other positions!

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PostSubject: Re: Donation Drive    Donation Drive  I_icon_minitime2010-09-21, 21:30

Please Support Anime-tion Scanlation Team~ :)


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Donation Drive

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