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 Hello 8D

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PostSubject: Hello 8D   2011-03-31, 08:23

Oh, hi there ~ =D Uhm, it seems quite obvious that I suck at starting introductions and so please bear with me hehe. Hi ~ I'm RiiGaki. My family and friends mostly call me Ryn. I kinda got my username from my favourite Morning Musume member 'Niigaki Risa' and I'm a big fan of the group. Hmm, I love Anime and Manga! I don't think I can possibly live without reading a chapter of a certain manga. Just a while ago I can't stop spazzing over reading a chapter that made me feel incredibly fluffy hehe. Also, I mostly like Shoujo genred mangas with great art of course. I'm kind of the picky type :'( I have a lot of favourite mangas and mangakas! I don't think I can choose which mangas and mangakas are my favourites ~ I love them all <3 And... more? XD Uhm, I love this things a lot! ---> ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (Aren't they smooth and cute? ><). I cover JPOP and KPOP songs! I also cannot live without music. Everything around me sounds empty when I don't have any music blasting somewhere near me. I'm interested in Paranormal things hehe. I get scared quite easily actually but I have no idea why I'm still interested in things that scares the life out of me :L I admit I'm quite of a fangirl. Aha ~ Hmm, so that's it! Sorry about the long intro.

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Hello 8D

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